Epic watercolours

Hello and welcome to my second blog post. 

Last night I continued painting crows and moved on to peacocks for my 'who is happy?' project.

I used A5 card and the watercolours Intense blue and Sap green.  I decided to add a border, not sure if it works, but I think the overall painting looks a little royal and epic. I like this look. Here is a close up of the epic crow.

For the previous paintings I began by first drawing out the crows in pencil and then painting it. For the flying peacock I painted below I started using watercolours straight away without doing a pencil drawing first. 

I used blue paint to initially outline the peacock and then I added the colours. I like how fluid it looks. I again think that the painting looks a little royal because of the colours used.  

Who is happy?

Hello, and welcome to the Mistri Maker blog. I will be sharing my work with you as often as I can. Lets dive right into this first post!

I recently got fascinated with crows, they look so shiny and their feathers glisten in the sun (superficial right!). This fascination started when a crow started making regular visits to my garden. I work a lot on the dining room table in my kitchen, which is by the door, and this is where I noticed the frequently visiting crow. It would come regularly to drink from a bucket filled with rainwater in our garden.

I remembered a fable called 'Who is happy?' (nothing to do with a crow drinking water, but it has a crow in the story!) where a crow, swan, parrot and peacock each think the other is happier then the other because of various reasons. The moral of the story being, don't make unnecessary comparisons with others and learn to be happy with what you have. This inspired me to draw each of the beautiful creatures in the fable. I started with the crow. Here are some pen drawings I did inspired by the visiting crow.


Yesterday I decided to revisit the crow drawings and did some watercolours. I wanted to use a palette of blues and greens to capture the glistens of colours seen in crow feathers.

I love the last 2 watercolours I did, I used a combination of Ultramarine, Sap Green, Viridian green and Intense blue. 

A close up of the watercolour crow with some patterns on the right.